Submerge yourself in the nature of sound , resonance and frequencies . We design our sessions to provide a unique and rejuvenating experience , promoting body relaxation , balanced mind and inner harmony .


Sound healing is one of the ancient technique which was originally designed to meditate at the deeper level as well as to restore and harmonize the body, mind and spirit . There are wonderful tools for sound healing which includes crystal bowls , Tibetan singing  bowls, drums, rain sticks , water’s cloud sound tools and many more. While playing these above given tools by an expert hands and product harmonic sound and resonance the energy system of our body promote deep sense of well being .

Benefits of Sound Healing

  1. Stress Reduction : when played by an expert hands the harmonic sound promote the deep sense of calmness and as of result reduce the level of stress .
  2. Balanced Energy: Chakra (energy centers) get well balanced by the resonance of sound .
  3. Improvement in sleep : Attending Regular sessions of sound therapy can contribute to better sleeping pattern by promoting relaxation and reducing insomnia
  4. Emotional Well-being : Soud Healing Sessions can unlock and get you free from unwanted thoughts , which trigger your emotions unknowledge .
  5. Meditation Mind Body: Sound vibrations can act wonderfully to get your mind /body in meditative mode.
  6. Mind-Body connection: people often feel a better mind-body connection after attendance our sound healing sessions .

Upcoming sessions

Please check our calendar for upcoming sound healing session .