Elevate Your corporate wellness with yoga!

When we talking abiut to create a balanced and thriring worlplace then corporate yogais a perfect activity for your office environment. Avtar Yog has the experties to tailor an activity according to the demand for your working team. We believe that emolpyee well-being is the key to success . Avtar yog is well adapted to design wellness course for your working teamand office environment.

Why Corporate Yoga?


  • We will guide you “how to manage stress in office environment with full Guidance through yogic practices
  • Mindfulness, relaxation and promoting mental clarity.


  • Breathing exercise and mindfulness can enhance, focus and concentration
  • Yoga can bring healthy work life and working routine


  • Yoga can assist to combat these sedentary nature of office work by practicing different yoga poses , breathwork & the practice of mindfulness
  • Yoga can improve the overall health of the employee as well as flexibility and strength
  • Common illness like back pain and stiffness can easily be eliminated of employee


  • By the chance of practicing yoga with team members can bring a unique bounding opportunity
  • Yoga encourage a sense of unity


  • Practicing yoga sessions/classes can contributes to better posture, flexibility and physical well-being this further can reduse the risk of injuries


  • Through the particular practice of yoga asanas , pranyamas and guided meditation, better body and mind connection can be established

What is taught

Our integrated and comprehensive approach to Yoga includes several elements that address common workplace issues, and help you manage your mind and body better.

Healthy Body and Beyond

This program embeds a touch of classical asanas, pranayamas and meditations. It enhances mobility of all the joints in the body, and focuses on the chest opening, hip stretches, and simple methods to release tension from the neck and shoulders.

Enhanced State of Mind

Login to your MIND is a custom program consisting of simple yogic breathing, Sukshma Vyayama, relaxation techniques and meditation. It helps you learn how to manage stress at the physical, mental and intellectual level.

Profound Rest at your Desk

Experience the power of simple stretches, breathing exercises and guided meditations that can be practised right at your desk. It’s an effective solution for stress, back and shoulder pain, and strained eyes. Once learned, you can practice anywhere, anytime, even at your desk.

Make Yoga a part of your Life

Yoga exercises the entire body, tones muscles, reduces fatigue and lethargy, increases stamina and fitness. These sessions focus on healing the body and mind, to reduce tension and increase energy. Suited for beginners and experienced students.

Enhanced Fitness and Performance

This series of sessions consists of women focussed Yogic practices. This program not only improves flexibility, and harmonizes the body and mind, but also addresses women-specific health conditions and helps you manage them.

Think Clearly and Intuitively

Cognitive Yoga combines powerful asanas, yogic breathing, Energy Locks (Bandhas) and induces the energy channels (through Mudras) to bring harmony and energy in the body, whilst keeping the mind calm and focused. It can also help overcome jet lags, slow days, a busy mind.

Rejuvenate, Revive and Heal

The perfect vacation, a chance to pamper your body, some time to forget all your worries and relax in our retreat center. Detox your body and de-stress your mind.

Stretch your way out of stress

13 sessions with specialized modules to focus on specific needs of the employees and different aspects of the body and health in each session.

NCD Specific and Posture Management

Adopt the Yoga way of living. We can design programs to address specific needs- both physical and mental, such as Diabetes, Hyperthyroidism, Hypertension, etc.


1.   On-Site Yoga Classes:

Avtar yog conduct yoga session according to your work place , Accessibility and convenience

2.   Flexible Scheduling:

We design our class timing according to various work shift and employee preference

3.   All Levels Welcome:

Avtar yog specially care about the suitability of training for beignner to experienced yogis , ensuring everyone can participate .

4.    Specialized Workshops for Corporate :

Avtar yog organize specific wellness program , such as stress and anxiety management

5.    Deliver Virtual Sessions:

We are also Accessible for online session , for remote all distributed units of employee

6.   Certified and experienced instructor

Avtar yog has certified and experienced holding yoga instructor for your employee team