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AT Avtar Yog, our Aim is to provide a unique spiritual, emotional & statisfying experience to body/mind by applying our expertise of yoga tantra. We believe to keep a balance of Modern and ancient science of yoga. The services we offer at Avtar Yog must be resultful and the most required ones to yoga lovers. Our Team is full of experience holders.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy of Avtar Yog basically revolve around encouraging physical, mental & spiritual well-being through the science & practicing of ancient and modern yoga. Avtar yog has main focus on generating are supportive and inclusive yoga community where participants of all backgrounds could explore and deeper their love for yoga. Although all the Yoga Practices Fundamentally belong to the ancient hatha yoga, but we also add the love to add the power of Flow yoga, Restorative yoga, Yin Yoga and many other practices which are comprehensive dedicated to positive and calm mind set.

Avtar Yog guides its students for transformation of body, mind and energy. We mainly focus that their practices must be at deeper level so that they should continue transformation for long life. All programs are well designed to support all the participants who really want to flourish in their life.

What you get at Avtar Yog ?

We believe to deliver the 100% Knowledge based practices to yoga lover with full intension, love and care. We have a  wide range of products according to the requirements of seekers . Avtar Yog offers private or group arrangements well designed retreat programs and sessions. Apart from yoga practices the guest can join us to visit cultural, spiritual, social tours.  We also focus at some fun crafting activities like laughter yoga, dance, music and fun. We care about food and accommodation of our guests when we take them on tour or at our retreat center. We also care about to provide all the basic amenities in the best form. Like attachment bathroom, 24 Hours water supply, hot cold water in the morning and evening. Students can choose program from list. Live link of programs.